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April 23, 2024 at 10am EST / 4pm CET

Cultivating Discovery in Our Theorizing


Karen Golden-Biddle

Questrom School of Business, Boston University

In this seminar, we will explore what cultivating discovery involves, and what it looks like in theorizing.  To do this, we will both examine practices illuminated in the readings and try on some practices for their potential congruence with your projects. 


2022 Locke, Feldman and Golden-Biddle:  “Coding Practices and Iterativity: Beyond Templates for Analyzing Qualitative Data.” Organizational Research Methods, 25(2), 262–284.


The research methods section in at least two of the following papers: 


Huising, R. (2015). To hive or to hold? Producing professional authority through scut work. Administrative Science Quarterly, 60(2), 263-299.


Kaplan, S.,& Orlikowski, W. J. (2013). Temporal work in strategy making. Organization Science, 24(4), 965-995.


Golden-Biddle, K.A. (2020). Discovery as abductive mechanism for reorienting habits within organizational change. Academy of Management Journal, 63(6):1951-1975.

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