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31 October 2023, 10:30am EDT / 3:30pm CET / 2:30pm GMT

At Home Ethnography for Organizational Change: The Case of UK Financial Services


Daniel Beunza

Bayes Business School

Professor Beunza has been conducting ethnographic research in trading rooms for over 20 years, examining how the technologies and models used in daily work as well as the management of this work shapes local cultures. He draws on his in depth knowledge of financial services firms and the “at home ethnography” approach (Alvesson 2003) to teach people in the industry he studies how to conduct their own cultural analysis. The goal of this work is to create lasting cultural change. In this workshop, Daniel will discuss his experience doing this work, reflect on its benefits and harms, and discuss how ethnographic methods can be used to create change. To prepare for this interactive workshop, please consult the prereading below:


Alvesson, M. (2003). Methodology for close up studies–struggling with closeness and closure. Higher education, 46, 167-193.

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