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9 June 2021, 10am EST/ 16h CET

Translating the field:
qualitative research across languages

Maria Do Mar Pereira

University of Warwick


This workshop is aimed at qualitative researchers working across different languages during data collection, analysis, or publishing. The goal is to identify the challenges of working across two or more languages and sharing the strategies we develop to make our data and findings clear to those who speak a different language or belong to a different culture from that of our research settings.​

Professor Maria do Mar Pereira (bio)

Professor Pereira is an Associate Professor, Director of Teaching and Learning and Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender at University of Warwick. She is a feminist ethnographer and sociologist. Maria do Mar’s research focuses broadly on gender inequality in Academia, the construction of gender and sexuality in schools, and feminist activism. Besides numerous academic articles, she has published two books, one in portuguese called “Doing Gender in the Playground: the Negotiation of Gender in Schools” and a more recent one on “Power, Knowledge and Feminist Scholarship: an Ethnography of Academia”. For each of these books she was awarded—respectively— the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry's Worldwide Award for Best Qualitative Book in Spanish or Portuguese and the FWSA Book Prize. Maria do Mar has also been recognized for her excellent teaching through the LSE Teaching Award and the Award for Most Inspirational Teaching of the Year at the University of Leeds. 

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