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April 25 at 11am EST / 5pm CET

Observant Participation: Roles, Risks, Rewards

Ashley Mears.jpeg

Recommended readings:


  • Seim, J. (2021). Participant observation, observant participation, and hybrid ethnography. Sociological Methods & Research, 0049124120986209.

  • Mears, A. (2013). Ethnography as precarious work. The Sociological Quarterly, 54(1), 20-34.

  • Van Maanen, J. and Kolb, D. (1985) The professional apprentice: Observations on fieldwork – roles in two organizational settings. Research in the Sociology of Organizations 4, 1–33.

  • Gold, R. L. (1958). Roles in Sociological Field Observations. Social Forces, 36(3), 217–223.

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Pat Reilly.jpeg

Ashley Mears

Professor at Boston University

Josh Seim

Assistant Professor at Boston College

Pat Reilly

Assistant Professor at UBC Sauder School of Business

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