Ruthanne teaches two PhD courses at emlyon: Designing Qualitative Research and Field Methods. She also organizes an informal PhD workshop called The Underground. If you are a graduate student in the Lyon area doing qualitative research and would like to join, please contact her. At McGill University and HEC Paris, she taught Meso Organizational Theory.

Qualitative Methods I: Designing Qualitative Research

This doctoral course will introduce you to qualitative research. We will survey the most commonly used qualitative approaches to studying the social world, learn about the history of each approach, and examine how they can be applied in a systematic way to answer certain types of research questions and to understand particular kinds of phenomena

Qualitative Methods II:
Field Methods

This is a doctoral workshop on the doing of fieldwork. During this short course, we will examine the process of getting into the field, gathering data, and organizing and analysing data to identify patterns in organizational life.

The Underground

The Underground is an informal seminar for PhD students doing qualitative research. We meet every month to discuss one member's work and provide constructive feedback. Students may present work at any stage including, a proposal, an analysis, a draft paper or presentation. We named the group “The Underground” because, rather like an underground transit system, what we do is not observable at the surface but gets you to your destination!

Meso Organizational Theory (PhD Seminar)

The purpose of this course was to familiarize students with the theories, methods, and approaches that address social, political, and cultural action in organizations. This course occupied the important space between the study of individual and small group behavior in organizations and how organizations interact with their environments.