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The Ethnography Atelier podcast discusses research methods with accomplished qualitative researchers. We talk to guests about their experiences of conducting research in and around organizations, the challenges they faced and the understandings they gained. If you have comments about the podcast or you'd like to get involved, please contact us.

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Episode 4 - Nevena Radoynovska: Researching Vulnerable Populations

Ruthanne Huising and Pedro Monteiro  •  21/05/2019

Nevena Radoynovska - Researching Vulnerable Populations
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This fourth episode of the podcast examines the challenges of researching vulnerable populations. We are joined in this conversation by our colleague Dr Nevena Radoynovska (emlyon business school) who has conducted research on social entrepreneurship based on fieldwork in the French quartiers prioritaires — government-designated disadvantaged neighborhoods with disproportionally high rates of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. In the episode, Nevena reflected on this recent study, its practicalities, and her effort to tell the stories of informants without re-enforcing stereotypes while also respecting their particularities.

Further information:

  • Ellard-Gray, A., Jeffrey, N. K., Choubak, M., & Crann, S. E. (2015). "Finding the Hidden Participant: Solutions for Recruiting Hidden, Hard-to-Reach, and Vulnerable Populations". International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 14(5), 1–10.

  • Kirszbaum, T. (Ed.). (2015). "En finir avec les banlieues? Le désenchantement de la politique de la ville". l’aube.

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