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The Ethnography Atelier podcast discusses research methods with accomplished qualitative researchers. We talk to guests about their experiences of conducting research in and around organizations, the challenges they faced and the understandings they gained. If you have comments about the podcast or you'd like to get involved, please contact us.

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Episode 11 - Renate Meyer: Visual data and methods

Pedro Monteiro and Samantha Ortiz Casillas  •  September 2021

Renate Meyer - Visual data and methods
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This episode features a conversation with Professor Renate Meyer in which she reflects on the value of visual data for gaining unique research insights and the theoretical basis of such an approach. We talked about the tools and methods she and her colleagues have used to investigate a range of topics in the diffusion and institutionalization of organizational concepts and the challenges of interpretation and dealing with large amounts of data during analysis.

Renate Meyer is Professor of Organization Studies and Head of the Institute for Organization Studies at WU Vienna. She works in the areas of institutional theory, with a particular interest in meaning structures and multimodal accomplishments, and organizational forms. She also has an empirical interest in public sector management and urban governance.

Renate’s profile:

Further Information:

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